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Hurtownia tkanin wełnianych i ubraniowych

About Us

POL-TEX was founded in 1994. Initially our field of activity was consulting and marketing. Since 2008 POL-TEX has been focused on supplying elegant clothing fabrics made of wool or its blends with polyester, cashmere, silk and cotton.

The offer is directed mainly to menswear producers.

POL-TEX imports directly from producers. We cooperate with reputable producers well known worldwide for the high quality of their products. Most of our fabrics come from China.

We supply fabrics to many countries within and outside of EU. Our success is the result of professional service, in particular the high quality of the merchandise, affordable prices and low minimal orders. Thanks to many years of experience on the textile market we are able to supply any fabric and present collections of designs that will be in fashion in the up and coming season. Our clients make their choices from hundreds of designs offered. We can supply samples, coupons and quantities for production of suits, trousers and jackets.

We are a wholesaler with stock of over 200,000 metres of fabrics in over 100 designs that can meet the needs of each client. We can also supply custom made fabrics if required.

We handle all the import and delivery formalities.

We deliver fabrics and we guarantee their high quality.  
The satisfaction of our clients is our main goal


We look forward to hearing from you.


Hurtownia tkanin wełnianych i ubraniowych Pol-tex

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