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Price list - sale


Picture Article Color Weight, composition Aval.Quantity m Price USD
21081163230G/M, 100%WOOL240.807.80
21081167230G/M, 100%WOOL606.007.80
2302122362260G/M, W100% Super140153.008.70
230212447260G/M, W100%, Super14027.009.00
230215421250G/M, W100% Super140 517.908.70
2302293008270G/M, W100% W100% Super1401400.008.70
2302297302270G/M, W100% Super1402956.408.80
230522401260G/M, W100% Super1401800.008.80
230620202280G/M, W100% Super8040.008.80
310438002270G/M, 70%W/30%PES640.807.50
310438008270G/M, 70%W/30%PES131.309.00
9039241270G/M, 50%W / 50%PES620.006.00


 We offer prices in currency PLN, EUR, GBP, USD.

Prices include costs of customs clearance, duty and -at order above 1000m -transportation till 1000km too.


Hurtownia tkanin wełnianych i ubraniowych Pol-tex

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